Cervantes-Healthy Food and fun for Halloween!

I’m so excited to head to my favorite New Mexican restaurant today: Cervantes

cervantes restaurant albuquerque

Cervantes was established in 1976, is locally owned (see their story here: (http://www.cervantesabq.com/about-us) and has the most amazing food. A lot of New Mexican food is already healthy, such as high fiber beans and chile as a main or a side in almost every meal, but any genre of food can be unhealthy depending on how you prepare it.

What I really love about Cervantes is that they are traditional but they have incorporated some subtle, healthful strategies into their cuisine that does not detract from the experience. It is hard to make a sopapilla (a deep fried bundle of heaven that is usually filled with honey) healthy however, anything they do fry does not contain animal fat. So, no added cholesterol is a win-win for our family.  Additionally, all menu items are served with low fat mozzarella cheese, although you can ask for cheddar if you prefer.

You can purchase their salsas online as well as their red chile which is absolutely amazing. Sadly, my youngest can tell the difference between my chile and Cervantes chile and he prefers the latter!

Visit http://cervantessalsa.com to try their delicious products.

Visit http://www.cervantesabq.com/menus to view their restaurant menu.

What is even more fun about this restaurant is that they really get into Halloween! Their decorations are quite spectacular!

cervantes halloween

halloween1 Cervantes Halloween decorationsCervantes Halloween Decorations

cervantes halloween decorations     halloween6

















cervantes Halloween decorationscervantes halloween 8








cervantes halloween decorations

There is also an attached bar that is decorated as elaborately. I didn’t get the pictures in the bar but if you visit their site in the link above, you will see that everything about the restaurant is cozy. I absolutely love sitting in the fireplace area.








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