Hiking is one of my favorite activities in New Mexico. Nothing rejuvenates me more than the fresh mountain air and the peace and quiet of a nature hike. Then sometimes, my kids come along 🙂

Cienega Canyon Nature Trail

Meadow Cienega Nature Trail

One of my favorite areas in the Sandia Mountains is Cienega Canyon. This is a gorgeous, peaceful picnic area with a lovely spring and plenty of hiking. This area is also special because it has several paved trails. The Cienega Canyon Nature Trail, also known as the Cienega Canyon Interpretive…

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Countdown to Brazil-Starting with Coyote Call Trail

iris valles caldera brazil

Written by Shannon McCoy-Hayes My husband and I are traveling to Brazil and Argentina in August. Our destination is Iguazu Falls but we’ll also be staying at an eco-lodge in the rainforest in Misiones. Sounds idyllic, right? Well, I’m not going to lie. I’m terrified. I have been sedentary for…

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Kasha-Katawe Tent Rocks- An Unforgettable Day Hike

slot canyon view tent rocks

The cool, clear, brisk days of late fall is the best time of year to visit Tent Rocks, a favorite day trip of mine, and a fantastic place to take the kids. An adventure of slot canyons and whimsical rock formations that look like tents, or if you are hungry,…

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TWA Canyon Hike

Sandia Mountain TWA

Today we are going to the TWA crash site in the Sandia Mountains. Back in 1955, a TWA flight headed for Santa Fe left Albuquerque in a snow storm. Sadly, the flight lasted only a few minutes when it veered off course and crashed into the mountain. There were investigations…

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Sandia Foothills

New Mexico Sunset from Sandia Foothills

The Sandia foothills are a wonderful free resources for walking, biking, hiking, running and photography. Most access points from town are free. When frequented in the early morning and evening hours, wildlife abounds! Here is a link to a map of the Sandia Foothill trail system maintained by the City of Albuquerque.

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