Green Chile Sauce


Red and green chiles aren’t all that different so it is interesting to me that New Mexicans almost always roast, peel and chop their green chile while boiling and pureeing their red chile into a smooth sauce. Why not do the reverse?

In fact, during a chile peeling party with some friends, who get their chile at Keller’s Farm Store, I was excited to see that they got a bag of roasted red chile. This then started me thinking about NM rituals and gave me the idea of making a green chile sauce since I had roasted red chile in my hands.

This is basically the exact same process as my red chile blog but I’m going to show you some pictures because it is so pretty!

Green chile
Salt, pepper and garlic powder
Minced garlic

raw green chile and spices

Pressure cooker (or you can boil them on the stove)
Blender or food processor

Wash the chile and cut the stems (I like to use my cooking shears). Place in a cooking pot or pressure cooker. Season with salt, pepper, garlic powder and minced garlic (you can always add more spices later). Cover with water if you are boiling. If you are using a pressure cooker just add water to half the height of the chile. Bring to a boil, cover and cook at a low bubble for 1 hour. Keep the pot covered and let the chliles come to a manageable temperature. If using a pressure cooker, cook for 30min and allow it to depressurize slowly.

Once cool, add to a blender along with ~1 cup of the liquid. You can always add more liquid if it is too thick but if you add too much at the beginning you can’t go back!

Green chile in Ninja


blend green chile

Add puree to your handy dandy ricer.



A few turns of the ricer will filter out all of the skin and seeds.

green chile ricer

And….voila! Green chile sauce!

Green Chile Sauce

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