Green Chile Stew with Hidden Veggies! (They’ll never know!!)

Green Chile Stew

My son Devin loves chile. When he was 2, he would dip his chips into really hot salsa and you could tell it was hot for him because he would suck in his breath and fan air at his lips, but he would also keep eating it. He knew we …

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How to Roast Green Chile at Home

fresh green chile peppers

I recently posted a blog about my favorite place to purchase green chile. I had it roasted on site, which is a good thing because I purchased 2- 35lb bags! If you’re in New Mexico that’s great, but if you’re not, you might be wondering how you can get your …

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Salsa Fiesta- 2016

Salsa Mia Display 2016 Salsa Fiesta

Yesterday we enjoyed the 12th annual Salsa Fiesta, the free event hosted by the City of Albuquerque in Old Town. There was a large crowd anxiously waiting to sample 21 different salsas and vote on their favorite in the city. All contestants made their salsa on site. There were three …

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Red Chile in the Pressure Cooker

Red Chile in the Pressure Cooker

While I was getting green chile this past weekend at the Farmers Market, I also picked up a bag of red chile. (So hard to resist!) I wondered, since I was so busy processing the green chile, would it be possible to cook the red chile in the pressure cooker? …

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Green Chile Season at the Farmer’s Market

Fresh Green Chile

It is finally green chile season and I can’t tell you how excited I am. We have been out of chile for over 2 months now and the stuff you get at the grocery store just isn’t the same. My favorite place to get chile is the Farmer’s Market on …

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Albuquerque Academy Cross Country Trail

Sunrise at the Albuquerque Academy

The Albuquerque Academy is a private middle/high school in Albuquerque’s NE Heights. The route around its perimeter is approximately 3.5 miles and it has an official 5K cross country track inside that the school team utilizes.   The outside has a wide path and accommodates bikers. There is an actual …

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Beans Beans the Magic Fruit~

Pinto Beans

We make a pot of pinto beans every week! They are an awesome protein source that can be used in a variety of different recipes. They are extremely inexpensive and freeze really well so you can make them ahead and portion them out into dinner sized containers. You can also …

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Tanoan Golf with Local Healthy New Mexican- Paul Silva

healthy local Paul Silva Tanoan Golf

Recently we participated in a golfing fundraiser for the Eldorado High School Basketball teams at the Tanoan Golf Course in Albuquerque and interviewed a local healthy New Mexican. Sadly, the Eldorado gym was destroyed at the end of the season from a broken water pipe and the kids were unable …

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Red Chile

red chile new mexico

Back to school cooking: Today I’m going to make a batch of red chile an and I’m going to freeze it. I’m also going to make a pot of beans. These two staples are the basis of half a dozen quickie meals. I can whip up bean burritos, nachos, quesadillas or frito pie in about 5 minutes if I have red chile and beans. All of these meals are vegetarian, high fiber and taste amazing because of the chile.