Albuquerque Academy Cross Country Trail

The Albuquerque Academy is a private middle/high school in Albuquerque’s NE Heights. The route around its perimeter is approximately 3.5 miles and it has an official 5K cross country track inside that the school team utilizes.

Google Map Albuquerque Academy


The outside has a wide path and accommodates bikers. There is an actual bike lane on the Wyoming side. The inside is more of a trail run with narrower, rolling pathways.

The school and pathways are directly across the street from New Mexico Sports and Wellness. It isn’t unusual to see gym patrons heading over to the school to get a run in.

We generally run at 6am. Most people think we are crazy for getting up so early but I have to say that many mornings we get to see balloons in the western sky or amazing sunrises over the eastern mountains.

Sunrise at the Albuquerque Academy

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