Anniversary Adventure #1: Arroyo Del Oso Golf Course

This weekend is our 21st wedding anniversary and we have several adventures planned. The day started out nicely with me waking up to roses.

rose anniversary

My  husband and kiddos are on fall break so I decided to take the day off and we played 9 holes at Arroyo Del Oso Golf Course.



There is a full 18 hole course and a short 9 hole course. My son is playing a tournament here on Monday, so he wanted to play the long course for practice-  but they had a tournament going on. I was kind of relieved because this course is more challenging than some of the others we play. It has a lot of hills and hazards and I have been recovering from an injury and didn’t want to over-do it.

arroyo del oso golf courses



Jaylen starting out on the number 1 tee.



The views are amazing!golf-course2



Harry Potter Tree golf

The Harry Potter Tree

Notice the giant hawk flying overhead. He was fishing all day and it was so cool to watch him dive into the water. I wish I could have gotten that on video!

This is a giant sandbox that is strategically positioned between holes. Some of us spent more time than others in there!

sandbox arroyo del oso

It was a pretty good day for me. I basically got a double bogie for most of the holes. The boys didn’t have their best day but I won’t razz them too much because they are all a lot better than me!. It was just nice to be outside on a beautiful autumn day. A bad day of golf is better than any day at work right?


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