Do you need a News Fast?

While we try to go about our daily lives, the horror of the repeated random killing events continue to haunt us in the back of our minds. The continuous bombardment of fear inducing news is increasing at a seemingly exponential pace.

Every time my mind wanders at my desk at work, and I take a peek at a news site, or any mainstream media site online, the disastrous news is screaming at me in BRIGHT RED LETTERS and the font seems to get BIGGER day after day.

Every news story is getting worse than the last.

This constant negativity is corrupting our collective mind and our nervous system. I am especially worried about our youth, who haven’t yet developed the tools to deal with these emotions and outside influences. Everyone seems to be under higher and higher levels of anxiety. More and more stories of suicide are whispered within our community. How much more fear and anxiety can we take?

Back in 2001, after my first son was born- the news broke of several high profile child kidnappings- most notably, Elizabeth Smart. As a new mother, this was horrifying! I was determined not to let this fear and anxiety rule my life. I wanted to emit love and peace into my home to influence the upbringing of my son.

The most positive activity I could engage in was a NEWS FAST. I could no longer poison my mind with the fear that I could lose my child to a random kidnapper; no matter how remote the possibility- the fear was still there.


If any of you can relate, I highly recommend a News Fast. Try it for just a day, or even a week- Just turn it off, don’t click that link, walk away. The anxiety of “FOMO” (Fear of Missing Out) will be surpassed by a state of bliss. Our day to day lives are actually very positive, and beautiful experiences if you can focus on what’s around you and NOT the latest horrifying story in the news that is likely, not in your community.

I give my upmost thoughts, prayers, and respect to anyone who lost loved ones in the recent tragedies and to the emergency workers and first responders who give their time and lives to those in need. For the rest of us, turn the TV off. Instead of surfing the web- take a walk.

For those of us in New Mexico, breathe the fresh fall air, smell the luscious roasting green chile, watch the leaves change color against the bright blue sky.

We all deserve a break.




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  1. I’m with you on this

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