Fitness on a Budget

Happy 2018!

January is the month where everyone hits the gym with those New Year’s resolutions…what are your resolutions?

Mine? I couldn’t decide on just one. I’ve been really working on making time for fitness, saving money and slowing down to become more mindful. Oh yeah, and to focus more time on this blog! 😉

If you have similar goals, then keep reading! Here are a few ideas for you-

Gym Membership

There are lots of options here, and a wide variety of prices.

  • If you are set on staying at your gym, ask for any discounts they may offer, you may be surprised to find discounts available through your employer.
  • Check with your health insurance carrier. Many health insurance companies are now offering free or discounted gym memberships. They are finally catching on to the idea that preventative health is the best way to save money!
  • Do you work on the Air Force Base? The Fitness Centers are free to use for all Federal and Contract employees on base. Including most of their fitness classes.
  • Check your city community centers- The City of Albuquerque Multi-Generational and Sports and Fitness Centers charge $15/yr for membership. $15!!!! That’s amazing! And they do offer fitness classes. I plan to visit these centers soon and write another post about that.
  • Check out your local YMCA! Right now they are offering membership specials.
  • I truly believe that you really don’t need a gym membership to stay fit. Check out more ideas below-
Exercise at Home

Have you ever tried those exercise programs on PBS early in the morning? Well, I love them-  Classical Stretch and Wai Lana Yoga are my favorite. At first glance they look un-challenging, or cheesy, or only for older people- but I challenge you to try it!!! I use my DVR to record them and try to do them first thing in the morning when I wake up.

Wai Lana Yoga has been around a long time. I lost a significant amount of weight after the birth of my 9 pound baby boy doing this show every morning before work in the early 2000’s. She is truly unique and I must say I’m not big on her singing and dancing bit at the end. But the exercises feel SO good and really do work in increasing fitness and healing ailments.

Classical Stretch with Miranda Esmonde-White is my new favorite. This is a first-class exercise program for folks of any age and all athletic abilities. She is a retired ballerina. If you have ever seen a live ballet, those dancers are the strongest athletes! Her theory is to elongate and strengthen your muscles to prevent injury. Again, you would be surprised how difficult her exercises are and how INCREDIBLE they make your muscles feel. Especially for anyone dealing with chronic pain or looking for a good no-impact workout.

Walk, jog, hike, ride your bike. These are obvious- but not easy to do! Sometimes especially in the winter months, it is so hard to take that first step outside. Once you do you ALWAYS feel better! Albuquerque is such a great city with mild winters, bike paths all over town, and the mountains at your doorsteps, there really is no good excuse. Check out some of our past posts on great hikes and running trails in New Mexico.

Your commute

Relatively speaking, I have a very easy car commute to work- it’s no longer than 30 minutes. For some reason, I have recently had trouble with tailbone pain and I LOATHE sitting still in that driver seat for more than 15 minutes. Have you ever considered riding the bus or riding your bike to work? It’s been on my mind constantly.

With recent focus on my budget, I was turned on this past year to Mr. Money Mustache. He has a wildly successful blog that has been entertaining me for many months while reading all of his past posts. He retired at age 30 with a lifestyle that is high on quality and significantly low on spending. I could go on and on about his blog..but I’ll save that for another time J. His #1 cost savings strategy surrounds your vehicle and commute to work. He heavily promotes bike riding for financial savings and a wealth of health. I believe it 100%!!!

While I’m not ready to immediately start biking to work, I’m taking baby steps and starting with the bus. My argument is that it would do my body/mind good to mindfully WALK every morning to the bus stop and READ while commuting to work and WALKING into the office. Plus, my employer pays for the bus pass as an added bonus. If I can stick to this at least a couple times a week, I hope to slowly progress to riding my bike to the bus stop and taking it into work, and maybe I’ll actually graduate to riding my bike to work. That would feel so liberating!

If you are not ready for that- try leaving your car at home for the weekend errands. I started riding my bike to the grocery store with my daughter on the weekends for the few items I needed for the evening meal. She really enjoyed that time together, and nothing feels better than biking by all the cars fighting for parking spaces!!!

YouTube Videos

I’m sure there are TONS of fitness workouts on YouTube. I have not spent much time looking for workout videos, but I love Tara Stiles yoga videos. I have another friend with young children who likes to dance/workout to the Fitness Marshall.

I am less than excited about my search results when searching for ‘fitness’ ‘really…?..These are the top hits?’

youtube fitness

It may pay to be a bit more specific on YouTube. These look more reasonable searching for ‘crossfit workout at home’

youtube crossfit at home


Free Fitness Apps

Just SAY NO to the fitbit. Ok, I’m sure this is controversial for many interested in a healthy living blog. But this blog post is about fitness on a budget, and it is just not in me to pay good money for another tracking device. I am also not motivated by competition, so the social aspect of this device is just not for me. My personal motto…”The more you own, the more it owns you”.

I have explored fitness apps on my phone however for exercising on the go- Nike Training Club is a great app that has several workouts for your interest, time, and equipment available to you. I’ve also used STRAVA in the past to track my running distance, speed, etc. If you have a great app that you love to use, list it below!

Those are just some of my ideas I felt are worth sharing. You don’t have pay for an expensive monthly gym membership to stay fit.


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