For those of you who love to run, or maybe don’t love to run, but do it anyway, this is a place to find new trails to blaze!



The North Golf Course

The UNM North Golf Course is a 9-hole course with a 2 mile, paved running track on the perimeter. I have run this track for more than 16 years. If you want to make your run a little longer, you skip the path and run along the arroyo on the west side of the trail.

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Albuquerque Academy Cross Country Trail

Sunrise at the Albuquerque Academy

The Albuquerque Academy is a private middle/high school in Albuquerque’s NE Heights. The route around its perimeter is approximately 3.5 miles and it has an official 5K cross country track inside that the school team utilizes.   The outside has a wide path and accommodates bikers. There is an actual…

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