The North Golf Course

The North Golf Course is located on the North Campus of the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

North Golf Course Google map

It is a 9-hole course with a 2 mile, paved running track on the perimeter. I have run this track for more than 16 years – basically as long as I have been working for UNM – but I have never golfed here until today. It is Friday and my husband had the great idea of a golf date night so I left work early and we met for a 4:30 tee time.

North Golf Course

I really like this course because I am playing well. I’ve had like 5 good drives in a row which is unheard of for me, one of which was around 170 yards. My putting sucks but I guess that’s golf for me – good shot, bad shot. The clouds are moving in fast. We are in the middle of monsoon season so we generally get an afternoon thunderstorm. Rain is ok but we will have to leave if there is lightening.

North Golf Course UNM

Definitely rain! But not until the 8th hole. We were able to finish but were pretty soaked.

North Golf Course UNM

I picked a sunnier day to capture the running course. It is a really nice trail and very recently they added a crushed rock pathway for runners/walkers with motivational signs.

North Golf Course Running Trail UNM


If you want to make your run a little longer, you skip the path and run along the arroyo on the west side of the trail. If you notice, on the right side of the arroyo, there is a paved bike path. This is the Northern Diversion Channel bike trail which runs all the way from the University of New Mexico to the Balloon Fiesta Park. Albuquerque has some really nice bike trails which we will get to in another post!

Northern Diversion Channel bike trail


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