Tanoan Golf with Local Healthy New Mexican- Paul Silva

healthy local Paul Silva Tanoan GolfRecently we participated in a golfing fundraiser for the Eldorado High School Basketball teams at the Tanoan Golf Course in Albuquerque and interviewed a local healthy New Mexican.

Sadly, the Eldorado gym was destroyed at the end of the season from a broken water pipe and the kids were unable to have their normal fundraising events which include a basketball camp for younger kids and various basketball tournaments.

Tanoan is a gated community in the Northeast heights that has 3- 9 hole golf courses. Our Eldorado parents organized a golf tournament, raffle baskets and lots of fun activities that helped to replace our missing funds.

During the tournament I played golf with Paul Silva, a local healthy New Mexican, and was able to interview him to find out what he does to stay active and healthy.

Paul Silva Healthy Local New Mexican

Tanoan golf courses are super challenging for me since I am not a very good player. All of the greens are elevated which just seems a little mean to me. It is rare for me to get to the green in regulation and when it is all uphill…you get the picture. Luckily we are playing best ball for this tournament and I am playing with some seasoned players so I’m not feeling too much pressure.

We are right in the middle of our monsoon season so we also lucked out on the weather. During the monsoons, we almost always get afternoon thunderstorms but as you can see, today is beautiful.

Tanoan Golf Course

Paul is not a native New Mexican but he moved here 40 years ago. Prior to that he lived in many places but fell in love with New Mexico and eventually decided to stay. When he and his wife were deciding where to make a home, he said he told his wife they would probably never get rich here but he liked the pace and attitude, which he compared to Southern California – just a little bit slower and friendlier.

Paul is going to be 70 years old in a couple months and is in tip top shape.Paul Silva Tanoan Golf He is retired but has recently opened what he calls a horse hotel – stables where traveling people can stop in and house their horses for the night. (Spur Stables) The stables and property have required and continue to require much renovation and so despite being retired, he finds himself working full time. He credits his physical shape to this hard labor and just staying active in general. This last summer he hired my oldest son Jaylen to help him with this endeavor. My son is 16 and has an amazing work ethic so when he would come home from a day of work with Paul and collapse in exhaustion on the sofa for a couple of hours, I was impressed! I was also thrilled for my son to learn some serious carpenter skills.

As far as eating is concerned, Paul of course loves hot, New Mexican chile and all the dishes it accompanies. He doesn’t have a specialty diet like so many do these days, but instead practices moderation. Finally, he credits a positive attitude for keeping him engaged and moving forward. Finding the positive in every situation is great advice!

As far as this tournament goes, my drives were sadly lacking but toward the end I was excited that we ended up using a few. However, we utilized a ton of my putts and ended the game 6 under par. Not bad, but we didn’t win anything. On the positive side, it is hard to be negative when you are playing 18 holes of golf in the middle of a work day 🙂




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